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It's been like a week now where is my order?

I have listed this answer in various areas around the store, as well as at the top of the first page of "checkout". It takes 5-7 business days to process your order in-house, not including weekends, because I do not work on weekends. This might bring the processing time into a second week before it goes to the post office. Thus, 5-7 "business" days. I am a one woman operation and that means I do everything by myself (i.e. photos, list items, descriptions, measurements, marketing, telephones, email, administration, customer service, shipping and receiving, shopping for my merchandise, etc.). Do not hesitate to give me a call if you’re anxious, and I can tell you when your order will ship. Also, you will receive a shipping confirmation and tracking number via email once your order does ship. I really appreciate everyone's consideration in this matter and all of your cooperation, because you guys are 100% of my business and I thoroughly appreciate each and every one of you!

If this is a thrift shop why are your prices so high?

Some of you may wonder this, but those of you who live in bigger cities such as Los Angeles probably won't as my prices are pretty close to the thrift shops there. However, let me explain to those of you who ask. I do all the merchandise shopping myself, which means I drive to all kinds of thrift shops, second hand stores, vintage stores, swap meets, and yard sales, and I go through each and every rack, or pile of clothing, and weed through some of the ugliest, most horrid items you could ever wear. I hand pick each item that goes into my store, which I inspect thoroughly for flaws, missing buttons, holes, broken zippers, stains, smells, etc. so you don't have to. RKA is a Retro, Rockabilly, Vintage, Punk, and Pin-up Second-Hand store and that means I stick to those genres of clothing and have them here, all in one place, for you shop. That's the reason my prices are a little higher than your regular family thrift store. Rest assured that you would end up paying far more at a regular Rockabilly, Punk, or Pin-up store. I keep my prices fair and well worth it.

I can pay the same price for clothes at Styles for Less or Rue 21.

First, please see the question/answer above. RKA specializes in unique items of a certain genre, and I only carry quality merchandise. I don't order items in mass quantities, or from overseas factories at wholesale. I also guarantee that any item you buy from me won't fall apart on you the next day.

I still see my item listed on your store. Is there a problem with my order?

If you got an order confirmation, then no, there is no problem with your order. Part of the in-house order processing is removing the items you order from our web site, and they will remain on our web site until close to the end of that process. But don't worry they are not available to order. If another person tries to add any item you've already ordered, for which you've received confirmation for, to their shopping cart a notice will pop up saying that item is no longer available. However, if you did not get an order confirmation, then your order probably did not go through, and, in that case, you should contact us right away, as the items in your shopping cart are still available until you complete your order and receive confirmation.

I saw a gorgeous vintage dress I want, but you have it priced at like $60. Can you give me a deal, just this one time?

I love to give deals, and that's exactly what I do! That is the purpose of RKA. All of my prices are already reduced as low as I can go for each individual item. I research each item, designer, and look up other vintage clothiers online to see what they are pricing their items at, and I price my garments well below that. I have to make a living too. My vintage items are the best of the best (that I can find, and afford). Retailers such as Stop Staring!, Mode Merr, etc. base their garments on the 50's styles of days gone by, and although they are amazing, I often carry the originals and my prices are usually well below what those reproductions are going for. So I appreciate the the question, because it never hurts to ask, but my quality one-of-a-kind vintage garments are non-negotiable. My suggestion is that you utilize my lay-away option. Just email me for instructions, or read the instructions in our lay-away section under "Store Policy" located at the top column across any page.

Check back often as new Rockabilly Retro Vintage Punk and Pinup Merchandise is added weekly.


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