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Gypsies Do It Better is now doing business as "Retro Kitten Apparel". I still own both URL's and you can get to the store via, and/or

"Retro Kitten Apparel. The #1 online Second-Hand Store for Retro, Rockabilly, Pinup, Punk, and Custom Culture Lifestyle clothing where you can buy an entire outfit with accessories for under $100! We sell used and new clothes, shoes, and accessories at up to 75% off retail 24/7!"

Retro Kitten Apparel is the first, and only Retro, Rockabilly, Pinup, and Punk Second Hand Store online! What makes RKA stand apart from other online thrift boutiques is I proudly offer authentic, quality, one-of-a-kind Retro Vintage garments, jewelry, and accessories; Pinup, Rockabilly, and Psychobilly Custom Couture; and Punk, Mod and Gothic Clothing and shoes all in one fabulous place! I've done the digging, traveling, and inspecting and weeded out all the stuff inbetween the racks of thousands of dresses, tops, skirts, pants, etc. to find the best of the best of the Custom Culture Lifestyle merchandise! I hand-pick each garment for quality, and character. Retro Kitten Apparel is home to some of the most unique Retro, Vintage garments that still exist today, along with the coolest Punk and Rockabilly shoes around! Recycling is also very important to Retro Kitten Apparel, and due to my passion for Punk and Pinup fashion, I created the best little Second-Hand Retro, Rockabilly, Pinup, and Punk Shop online!

Some shoppers are interested in choosing the lowest priced clearance items such as overstock merchandise, or directly through a dealer; however. many sellers on the internet are not "officially licensed" to sell merchandise like Retro Kitten Apparel. Consumers will save when they shop online with RKA, and there is no need for a discount code or promo code. RKA has the lowest prices around everyday. However, I do love a great deal so we do have some super fantastic sales on special occasions, but then the bargains are out of this world! Although most RKA merchandise is used, or purchased second-hand, when you shop with us you can rest assured you are getting top quality merchandise that succeeds most retailer's new merchandise, and you get it at the lowest prices around. In addition, I use a consumer rating system from Yahoo!, and Yahoo! reports that RKA is amongst the top internet retailers.

So come on in doll and deal!


I am adding a Retro, Vintage House wares, Kitschy Decorations, and Entertainment section! In the process of remodeling my kitchen into a Retro 1950's diner, I was inspired to add a Retro House wares section here at Retro Kitten Apparel! I found some really cool stuff that I wasn't going to use, but I couldn't just pass it up! Everything will be authentic Retro, Vintage, Tiki and Rockabilly, Punk, or Pin-up oriented appliances, utensils, decorations, etc. for every room inside, or outside, your house so check back often and I promise to get some great stuff up soon!


I strongly suggest that you have each item cleaned before wearing as I do not clean the merchandise prior to resale (used or new) in an effort to keep our prices low. Most of us around here smoke, and I have a cute and crazy cat that wanders around, but I prohibit smoking inside the warehouse, or around the merchandise. All merchandise is stored in totes in a closed warehouse on-site, but I cannot guarantee that a stray cat hair or billow of smoke will not penetrate through our storage walls. If you are allergic to cigarette/cigar smoke, or cat hair I suggest you have any item purchased from Retro Kitten Apparel cleaned appropriately.

In addition, the vintage garments come from a variety of places and many older items gather various odors. I do, however, inspect each garment for strong smells, body order, visible sweat stains, etc., and I do not sell garments destroyed by same. However, I suggest that you have the garment cleaned as noted on the care tag of item by a professional dry cleaning company that is experienced in cleaning vintage merchandise.

Most garments at Retro Kitten Apparel are gently used. However, I do get new items usually due to the garments size tag being incorrect, or something very minor that doesn't make it irregular. Therefore, I list measurements to the best of my ability with complete instructions on how to take measurements in our "Size Chart" page (link located below), a full description to the best of my ability, and photographs. I strongly suggest that you read the description and check the measurements against your own, or whomever the garment is for, before making your purchase. If you have any questions please contact me at 1-805-234-6159, and I will do my best to help.

Size Chart

If you receive an item that does not fit, before leaving any negetive feedback, please contact me so we can try to come to an amicable resolution. See our return/exchange policy for instructions on returning any items. I am more than happy to address any concerns fairly.


Retro Kitten Apparel is not affiliated with the designers of the merchandise here, nor am I connected with the manufacturers of any name brands offered in the store. I receive all merchandise second hand whether it is used or new, and then offer it back to the community at second hand/vintage store resale.


Shipping timeframes have gotten a little longer than noted on each individual item, due to growing clientele; however, I am doing my best to get orders out within one week of being ordered. Please bear with me as I am the sole owner and operator of this joint. Thanks for your patience!


I highly recommend that you purchase shipping insurance, as I am not responsible for any lost, damaged, miss-deliveries, or unreliable postal service in your country, or signature confirmation due to theft concerns in your neighborhood.

If you need shipping insurance or signature confirmation added to your order you must arrange these extra services before you make your purchase. Please contact me at 1-805-234-6159 or by email at or before placing your order so I can add the extra cost of insurance to the cost of the item, and note your account as to what the extra cost is for, to ensure insurance/signature confirmation is added.

I am not responsible for your package once it is in the hands of the Postal or Parcel Service.


RKA is open 24/7 online for ordering, and I try to be available for ordering inquiries via telephone 24/7 as well, but I have to sleep sometime, and, due to frequent business trips, Vending Gigs, and, of course, Punk Shows, Car Shows, and Swap Meets, I may not always be available right away, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Remember, I am located in California, which is on Pacific Standard Time, so please be respectful when calling. I would appreciate it if you could wait to call between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., but if it is a very pressing matter, or you just can't take the chance that someone else might grab up that one-of-a-kind garment go ahead and call anytime and I will answer if I can!


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I am an old school punk from Fresno, CA, in the 80's, and Pismo Beach, CA in the 90s, then back and forth even now. I come from divorced parents with one sibling (two to be exact, but I never got a chance to know my brother). I ran wild on the streets most of my life and traveled to different cities mostly for fun and adventure. I got involved in the Fresno Punk Scene (FCHC), specifically the Dirtheads, at about 11 years old and never really left; although, I did taste test the Metal scene, and even traveled a little alongside the Grateful Dead (R.I.P. Jerry). In my early 20's, I got married to a man who ended up being my best friend. It was great! We had a little one that we both adored, and we were happy. We were married for 11 years, and then he died in a tragic car accident on 11/2/07 (El Dio de Los Muertos aka The Day of the Dead). It was then that I decided to take control and turn my life in the direction I wanted, and make the best of the one life we are given. Having always dreamed of owning my own Vintage/Punk Second Hand Store, after a few things fell into place in 2008, I did it! I met my boyfriend, Ivan, about a year later. Now, I've got my head above water and plan on going strong for as long as I can. I am able to support my super cool little one while working at my dream! Things are going great and I love what I do!

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of you, my customers, friends, and fans, for your part in making Retro Kitten Apparel a reality! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able to do what I do, and I will never forget that! You guys are my friends, my customers, my dream come true! So thank you!


Retro Kitten Apparel is an online Retro, Rockabilly, Vintage, Pinup, and Punk Second Hand Shop for the young or old, bold fashion conscious customer looking for a modern look with a classic touch. We aim to please, and our goal is to clothe our customers in the coolest classiest Retro and Vintage garments around today, along with some of today's favorites, for a look that they can own (and everybody on the block won't be wearing either)!

We streamline Classic Vintage with Punk, Rock-n-Roll, Psychobilly, Mod, and Goth. We embrace the Retro Rockabillys, the Pinup Girls, the Psychobilly Hell Cats and Kittens, the Punk Rockers, the Mods, and the Greasers while still making room for our dark and mysterious Goths. When the Alterna-style seeking individual ventures onto our web site they can mix and match our various garments, and create a unique, one-of-a-kind look all their own.


Retro Kitten Apparel's customers are a unique bunch of individuals with great taste! We appreciate each one of you, and never want you to forget that! We are always glad to hear from you (with good tips, advice, complaints, or compliments), and we've gotten to know some of you on a personal level. Each one of you has your own style and we are always happy to help you find the perfect outfit!

Our main priority is to offer everyone an awesome experience with excellent customer service! We believe in treating you as if it were 1950 when the customer meant something, and the shop owner's knew the patrons by name. We treat each and everyone of you not only as a shopper, but as a friend, and we'd love to have you back again!

Retro Kitten Apparel is based in Fresno, CA and all in-store order pick-ups must be picked up at our warehouse in Fresno, Ca, via appointment only. Contact Lindsay at 805-234-6159 for an appointment and directions. Thank you.

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Retro Kitten Apparel formerly Gypsies Do It Better

Check back often as new Rockabilly Retro Vintage Punk and Pinup Merchandise is added weekly.


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