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Retro Kitten Apparel has set up a 60-Day Lay-Away Plan for our customers who really want that one-of-a-kind item, but don't get paid til next month. There are no fees to set up a lay-away account; however, you are required to make a non-refundable down payment/deposit to open a lay-away account. For lay-away orders totaling between $20-$99.99, the down payment/deposit is $20, and for lay-away orders totaling $100 and up the down payment/deposit is $50, which will be included in your total amount paid if you meet all the lay-away requirements as noted below. We do not charge any additional fees to open a lay-away account. All you pay for are the items you have on lay-away, shipping costs (calculated by weight), and any applicable tax if you live in California. You have 60 days to fulfill your commitment to pay off your lay-away balance. Once your balance is paid in full, we will ship your order to you via USPS Priority Mail. Step-by-step instructions are noted below, but please read the entire page before going forward with opening a lay-away account so that you are clear on all requirements.

You are welcome to add items to your lay-away account at anytime, and we will re-calculate your total, and shipping. However, your due date will remain the same from the date you opened your lay-away account, which will be noted on our invoice. However, you cannot remove any item(s) from your lay-away account, or exchange an item from your lay-away account for another item within our store. Once you have added an item to your lay-away account you obligated to pay for it, which is explained in detail below.

You are welcome to use our lay-away plan as long as you remain in good standing and continue to uphold your obligations.

Why We Set Up Lay-Away

Due to our first come first serve policy, we do not put items on hold so we decided to set up a lay-away plan. Our lay-away plan allows you to put any item(s) you want to purchase on lay-away until you are able to pay and you don't have to worry that another customer will buy it before you can. Unlike most retailers, Retro Kitten Apparel does not charge any fees or percentages to set up a lay-away account.

Promise To Pay Agreement

In order to protect ourselves from irresponsible shoppers we have put a lay-away policy in place called our "Promise To Pay Agreement", which will commence upon opening your lay-away account. Retro Kitten Apparel is entrusting that you promise to pay for each item you put on lay-away by the due date on your invoice. Our "Promise to Pay Agreement" allows us to hold the item(s) you've promised to pay for and we promise not to sell the item(s) to other interested shoppers.

If you fail to fulfill your "Promise to Pay Agreement" you will be responsible for a 20% restocking fee for any unpaid merchandise on lay-away, shipping costs calculated by the weight of the items you have paid for and that we will be shipping to you, and any applicable tax if you live within California. Any remaining monies will be forfeited by you. You will not receive any refunds, store credit, or options to exchange items on lay-away for items within our store. In the event that you have only paid the initial down payment/deposit, and nothing else within the 60 days term, and none of the items within your lay-away order cost less than the 20% restocking fee for all other items, shipping of such item, and tax if applicable, RKA will not refund your down payment/deposit, and we will restock ALL items in your lay-away order. The down payment/deposit is therefore considered a holding fee for any/all items for which you did not meet your obligation of payment for.

Retro Kitten Apparel appreciates our customers and we hope this helps you get that one-of-a-kind item, or that irresistible outfit without the stress and worry of someone else grabbing it up before payday. However, we put this policy in place because want it to be a pleasurable experiance for everyone, and that includes us.

How To Start A Lay-Away Account

To open a lay-away account with Retro Kitten Apparel your order must total $20, or more, before shipping costs and any applicable taxes (California residents must pay sales tax). Upon opening a lay-away account with Retro Kitten Apparel you agree to our "Promise To Pay Agreement" under store policy, as noted above.

• First, add any item(s) you want to put on lay-away to our shopping cart and ensure the total is $20, or more, before shipping and sales tax for California residents. We will need some information that will be available from the shopping cart page to set up your account so leave that page open when you call us as noted below. *Be sure you want all items you put on lay-away and that you will be able to afford to pay your lay-away balance in full within 60 days, as per our "Promise To Pay Agreement" policy noted above.

• Second, call Lindsay at 805-234-6159 to set up your lay-away account. This will take about 10 minutes. We will take down the item number for any item(s) you want to put on lay-away to place it on hold, along with your name, address, and telephone number, and then we will give you a lay-away account number.

• Third, after your lay-away account is approved, and you have been given an account number, either we will walk you through the process of making your down payment of $20 for orders subtotaling $20-$99.99, and $50 for orders subtotaling $100 or more, through Paypal at, or you can log onto Paypal yourself and click on the "Send Money" tab at the top of the web page. There you will enter our email address: in the "Send To" field, the down payment/deposit amount in the "Amount" field, and by default keep the Purchase "goods" dotted and hit continue. Then you will be directed to make payment via a major credit card, or your Paypal account. You do not need to have a Paypal account, as you can use any major credit card to make payment.

• Fourth, after your down payment is processed, you will receive a receipt from Paypal with a transaction number via email, and we will email you a lay-away invoice detailing the item(s) you put on layaway with a thumbnail photo, the item number, and the item price. Our invoice will include your account number, the date you opened your account, and the due date that you must pay your balance in full, which will be 60 days from the opening date. Your invoice will show a detailed record of our calculations with your subtotal, down payment, and balance due. We will also attach this lay-away policy.



Telephone: 805-234-6159

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