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Tish & Snooky's Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Vegan Hair Dye

Manic Panic Hair Dye "ELECTRIC LIZARD"
Manic Panic Hair Dye "ELECTRIC LIZARD"
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Manic Panic Hair Dye "ELECTRIC LIZARD"
ELECTRIC LIZARD™ is a wild neon lime green hair dye. This color GLOWS UNDER BLACK LIGHT!

All Manic Panic hair color looks best when applied to bleached or pre-lightened hair. This color may work well on natural light blonde hair if left on hair longer than the normal processing time of 30 minutes.

*WARNING*: The following recommendations aren't for everybody, and I am not a hair care specialist. I recommend that you discuss the best method for your specific hair type with a professional hair stylist before bleaching, or stripping, your hair so your hair doesn't fall out!


First, use the Flashlightening Bleach Kit Volume 30 for lighter hair or Volume 40 for darker hair, or another reputable brand of hair bleach and developer, or a hair stripping agent, to completely strip your hair of all color to white. Second, carefully apply Vaseline just a "hair" away from your hairline down onto your face, neck, and ears as Manic Panic hair color stains easily. Be careful not to get any Vaseline on your hair as the hair dye will not penetrate it thus that hair will not absorb the dye. Third, do a test strip (*a shorter version follows) by seperating 3 strips of hair from the rest and applying the same amount of hair to each (a generous amount is recommended). Wait 30 minutes then rinse one strip completely, and blow dry. If it has reached the desired color rinse the other 2 strips and proceed with dying the rest of your hair leaving it on for only 30 minutes. If you have not reached the color desired (it isn't bright/dark enough) wait an additional 30 minutes (making the total dying time 60 minutes now) and rinse the second strip and blow dry. Again, if your hair still isn't the shade you desire, wait another 30-60 minutes (making the total dying time 1 ½ – 2 hours now) and rinse the third strip. A Although, it is a very safe formulation of hair dye I don't recommend leaving the dye on longer than 2 hours. *Shorter version (if you don't have a few hours to commit to): apply hair dye to all of your hair and rinse discrete strands at the intervals noted above. Continue to reapply the hair dye to the rinsed strands until you are satisfied. Also, to shorten the length of time even more, use heat such as a blow dryer, or wrap a plastic grocery bag around your hair and clip it closed to keep out air, or both. I suggest using these methods towards the end of the processing time. When dying your hair, use a generous amount of Manic Panic hair dye (thin/short hair will require less dye, and thick/long hair may require 2 jars). You can also rinse your hair with purified water to allow for the hair color to stay brighter and last longer.

*Be careful with this product as it is extremely messy. I recommend using Vaseline just below, up to your hairline around face, ears, and neck. When you rinse the dye from your hair be sure to rinse in an area you don't mind getting stained, or, if you have to rinse in your shower or sink immediately scrub the area with a good cleanser after to avoid stains. Your body will also get stained if you aren't careful so lean your head back as far as you can while rinsing and soap off immediately after.

Good luck, and have fun!

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