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"i just got the skinhead cap i ordered from you.i just want to say that is perfect style and thanks for getting to me, so quickly. i plan to shop with you again. jiannis from athens ''spirit of 69'" Katerina D.

"I absolutely LOVE your shoppe!!!" Gigi F.

"Seriously love your site lady! Just bought the most awesome maryjane creepers, my favorite! Keep me posted on any size 6 amazingness :)" Regina G.

"This is a great store and I will definitely be back. Keep on rockin." Trevor

"Thank you for the quick reply! Yes, I plan to shop with you again. I agree with your idea of saving and reusing as much as possible. i look forward to the bra's arrival!" Karen M.

"Lindsay, you have a real knack for finding the unique clothing that span a variety of styles. Your product descriptions are honest and accurate, which is so helpful, when shopping vintage and second-hand." John B.

Thanks John! That's exactly what I'm trying to achieve! I'm glad you found Retro Kitten Apparel, and I'm grateful to have such a great new customer and friend! Lindsay, Owner

"Loved it, everything but one dress fit perfect(I had my doubts when I ordered it) Before we talk exchange I'm going to see if it will fit one of my girlfriends - it's such a pretty dress. I'm super stoked on the Doc's - like you said all the breakin in work is done. The price and condition of your stuff is awesome. I will tell my friends about you and I will be shopping again soon. Thanks again." Stacy, L., San Luis Obispo, CA

"Yes, it was delivered to my work on Saturday. Thank you so much!! I love it!!!" Michelle S., Minneapolis, MN

ďHi Lindsay, thanks for writing back and I wanted to let you know I got the package. I love the vintage dress, it's beautiful and fits perfect. The Lucky 13 dress is a tad big as I figured it would be but I put a wrap around belt and it's perfect now. I love the other black dress too, it's good for this weather. Everything is great. I really liked the sweater and the choker too, I figured the sweater I'll save til we leave Hawaii :) but it looked really nice and such a great deal, it looks brand new. Your site has really evolved since I first stumbled upon it, and it's looking very professional and just seems to get better and better. I found you I think by googling "goth clothing" or something like that, I forgot what I originally was looking for.Ē Wednesday, Hawaii

Thanks Wednesday! You have been with me since the begining and your the best! Thanks for the kind words and I'm so glad you got the Vintage 50's Black Wiggle Dress! That was one of my favorites! Send pics! Lindsay, Owner

"Hi Lindsey :) Thank you so much i have recieved my order i love it thank you and i will be definately be ordering more stuff from you thank you once again :). been telling my friends about your website too. (Andy) thats what my friends and family call me." Andrea G.

"Hi Lindsay, how have you been? Thanks for the special, there were a few items I had my eye on, now I had an excuse to go ahead and get them and add a few more goodies to the order :)" Wednesday, Hawaii

"love your site." Mindy B., Pittsburg, CA

"I just got the Tripp pants I ordered from you and I just wanted to tell you that they are absolutely perfect and thanks for getting them out to me so quickly!" Aaron S., West Palm Beach FL

"thanks for the sweaters you have a new loyal customer have a great day!" Bambi :-)

"Thank you :) Been looking everywhere for these expired pants! Please post more if you have them, I'll buy them all!" Lisa, Westlake Village, CA

"Got the dresses and sweater today! They all fit like it was made for me. I am soo excited about wearing them to the car shows. As soon as I get my husband to take pictures, I'll send them your way. Thanks a million!" Courtney W.

"Love your stuff! will keep checking in. Thanks." Autumn, Nevada City, CA

"thanks you!" Leif, Orcutt, CA

"Love the site and items for sale...if all goes well I'll definitely shop here again and recommend to friends who will love it too!" Alana T./Open Road Band, Enumclaw WA

"finally gettin those dickey pants I was wantin... guess I'm n2 red this week or sumthin!;)" Dasha, Dixon, CA

"You're welcome! I love your shop! It's really fantastic. The vast majority of my clothing purchases are from your site. Great selection. I have been keeping up with my purchases and noticed the ninth order deal. I think I just had my seventh or eighth (so very close!). I've also noticed the price differences as well, which I'm tickled about. Makes me even happier. Also makes me proud to shop at a place where the owner cares about what they do and their customers. So, thank you for all your hard work! It's very appreciated :) Thanks for answering my email!" Rebecca K.

"I am so excited! I took all my measurements and I think this should be a perfect fit. Not too mention what a sassy and glamorous number it is. Thank you." Rachel T., Oregon

"I love your store! Congrats on being a strong, independent woman who never gave up!! Keep up the awesome work you're doing ;)" Tara, Walker, MI

"This is a great place to get great deals, the customer service is excellent and the orders shipped out as promised - quickly and efficiently. The seller makes extra efforts to help w/ any questions and service as needed, I would highly recommend shopping here." Wednesday D., Hawaii

"I made a previous order with you that did not work out. We talked on the phone and you gave me in store credit. Thank you so much for working with me, I just love your site!!!!!" Mindy, Pittsburg CA

"Hey! Itís Jim! Iíll send you pictures of those stuffs when we will wear it in France. Nevermind about the shipping costs, itís alway cheaper than French shops, even in used condition ! Thank you very much for everything!" Jim, France.

"hi lindsay, I just wanted to thank you for helping me out this morning and staying on the phone with me until everything went through. Im so excited! i cant wait to get the dresses and pea coat i purchased for my baby and shes not even born yet! I've always admired the rockabilly style and i think its perfect for my lil monsters. i look forward to purchasing from your store again. thank you so much!" Lalo & Vanessa R., Santa Ana, CA

"I love your clothes! They were very reasonably priced. I saved so much money! I found items with you I could have never found in a department store like Gottschalkís, Mervyns, Ross, Kmart, Wal-Mart, or a mall! You fit my style perfectly. Having to shop in department stores, I didn't feel like my clothes represented who I was, and not only do your clothes represent me, but I can put them with the items I already have. I love your store! I was stylistically lost before I found it. Iím defiantly going to keep coming back. Iím so happy! I don't mind if you put how I feel on your site as testimonial"...Sara, Los Osos, CA

"Thank you so much for all the great deals! I just received my fourth order from you and you always ship my stuff super fast, right on time, and this time you threw in a great surprise-totally unexpected and I love it!!! I can't believe your prices, they are amazing, and it looks like I spent at least $300. You just can't find this stuff anywhere, but here. I love thrift shops too, but it's like walking into a thrift shop where everything is totally cool as if someone went through and picked the coolest stuff out of every thrift shop and put it all in one place for me to pick from. I LOVE THIS STORE!!! love your vintage purses too. I have a huge purse fetish! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and you can post this in your testimonial section also if you want to (hint hint). Thanks again." Lua.

"I found exactly what I was looking for and it was cheap. It came very quick and if I ever need anything else I will definitely look here!"

"Love the dress! I had a question about the dress and received a reply within minutes! Amazing customer service!"

"I had a question on an item and their response was extremely fast and helpful! I will definitely order from them again!"


"A perfect transaction! I would gladly purchase from this seller again."

"I have to say that I found this store by accident, but then I saved it in my faves BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME!!! I loved the offerings and the shipping and item description were right on. I will DEFINITELY be shopping again and again! Thanks so much!" Jennifer, San Clemente CA.

"I appreciated the personal email, telling me the date it was to be shipped. I love the selection, and the fact it is an online thrift store...I will be coming back, and recommending it for others."

"Excellent customer service: the owner called me when an item i ordered was no longer in stock, and personally helped me choose a replacement. great selection, ridiculously low prices! gypsies REALLY do it better! thank you!"

"I am incredibly satisfied with everything about this website. Prices are as low as you will find them, and my items came to my door much faster than I expected. I will be back to shop at this very well-managed online store."

"Extremely accommodating and friendly when contacted with questions. Items were shipped promptly and arrived in great condition."

"We're absolutely thrilled with all of our purchases! Communication, customer service, pricing and selection were all exceptional and we'll be checking back often. Thanks!"

"Your online store has sold to me some of my favorite clothes, and has become the place to go for me to find the best deals on the best looking stuff. I even found one of my best friend's birthday presents here. I'll keep shopping here no matter what! :D"

"Thank you so much" Ryan, Phoenix AZ

"The merchandise offered by Gypsies Do It Better is fantastic, and all at low prices. Shipping was fast and everything was accurately described. Thanks!"

"I wanted to let you know i received my order yesterday and my girls are thrilled. We are attending a Rockabilly themed wedding next Saturday. Thank you for the free tights also! Take care." Brenda, Austin TX

"Thanks!! Lots of cool stuff here!"

"I recently received my order and want to tell you how impressed I was. The clothing was true to size (thank you for posting as much information you can about the sizes i.e. bust, waist, etc). Thank you also for the free gift of black and white earrings. I will keep checking your site for new arrivals, I don't buy much online but really like your store as it is easy to buy from and simple to order and view the items. Plus your prices are great. I volunteer at a Thrift Store out this way but have a hard time finding stuff in my size. Thank you again". Wednesday D., Hawaii.

"This is my second time making a purchase with you guys. Thanks for everything, Gypsies Do It Better rocks!!! Wendy, Seaside CA

"Awesome! I love your job, I could thrift shop for days on end. I check your site a lot so always know when you went shopping :). I would much rather buy stuff from you than at the stores as the stores out here are so overpriced, except I do have one favorite store that carries a lot of goth/punk/ cool kind of stuff". Wednesday D., Hawaii.

"Thank you so much for the merchandise! I absolutely loved the free gift that went along with my order! Everything fits great and looks fantastic! I will be shopping with you again." William, Cornwall on Hudson NY

"Love your site! Wish we lived closer." Amanda, New Jersey

"Dear Lindsay, I just wanted to thank you for making my daughter extremely happy. We just received the dress we purchased from you for her homecoming dance and Oh My God! It fits her as if you custom made it for her. I can't thank you enough and I will certainly tell my friends about you. Thank you and have a great day! Sincerely, Olga A., Neversink NY"

"I love your store! Congrats on being a strong, independent woman who never gave up!! Keep up the awesome work youíre doing ;)" Tara D., Walker, MI

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