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Punk Rock Green 3 Row Pyramid Stud & Skull & Crossbones Buckle Belt Size 41"
Punk Rock Green 3 Row Pyramid Stud & Skull & Crossbones Buckle Belt Size 41"
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Punk Rock Green 3 Row Pyramid Stud & Skull & Crossbones Buckle Belt Size 41"Punk Rock Green 3 Row Pyramid Stud & Skull & Crossbones Buckle Belt Size 41"
This is a green bonded leather punk rock belt featuring three rows of silver pyramid studs and an interchangeable belt buckle option via two snap buttons at end. We've included a cool oval shaped belt buckle featuring a skull and crossbones and two stars in silver with a black background.

There are five holes at the other end for sizing. The total length of this belt is 41" long, belt length to first hole: 33", belt length to last hole: 37"; belt width: 1 1/2". When shopping for a belt, we recommend that you measure your waist where the belt is going to be worn with the pants you will be wearing the belt with. If you wish to measure your waist unclothed, add at about 2" on top of your measurements to allow for clothing.

This belt is in excellent condition with minor signs of wear. Bonded leather belts retail at $19.95, and belt buckles of this nature retail at $12 so together they retail at $32 - we are willing to negotiate a price to seperate the belt from the buckle if you are interested in purchasing just one.

What is bonded leather?

Bonded leather is genuine leather that is "left over" or otherwise not in its original form, pressed together and adhered to other leather via a bonding agent. This type of leather, sometimes referred to as reconstituted leather, is an alternative to what is known as genuine leather, which are whole pieces of animal hide. Instead of a manufacturer throwing out all the scrap leather they bond it together to re-create other items most commonly belts and book bindings, and it is usually a lot less expensive than genuine leather. It usually lasts as long as genuine leather and normally won't fall apart, or crack in half, like fake leather. Hope that helps in your decision!

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